E-Learning in Agricultural Education

E-Learning Portal is an innovative initiative revolutionizing agricultural education with accessible and flexible learning opportunities. The portal's comprehensive course collection spans various academic disciplines, ensuring a holistic and enriching agricultural educational for students, researchers, faculty and anyone who wants to learn about agriculture alike.

The diverse content types cater to students from different academic backgrounds and preferences. The portal offers courses for Undergraduate (UG) and Post-graduate (PG) students under separate headers. Students can delve into Course Content, PowerPoint presentations (PPTs), Glossary, and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with assessments. PDFs offer detailed explanations and concepts, while engaging PPTs facilitate a better understanding of complex topics. The Glossary acts as a go-to resource for quick reference and interactive MCQs aid in self-assessment.

All the courses on the portal are methodically aligned with the agricultural education curriculum and are created by renowned faculty of agricultural universities. To maintain the high quality of the courses, unit reviewers and course reviewers maintain a system of checks and balances on the content that is finally delivered on the portal.

The comprehensive learning resources can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and learning can be undertaken at one's own pace. The E- learning portal is a holistic platform offering considerable resources in a systematic manner to provide the best of digital education in the agriculture domain.


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